Online Keno Game

Keno, one of the most popular casino games today, is a fast paced lottery-style game. After the developed of the video keno machine, it’s only been a matter of time until online keno shows up. Similar to offline keno, this game is about picking numbers, and if they come up, winning according to the payoffs set by thecasino.

The origin of the Keno game played nowadays is an ancient Chinese game called Kino. The game has been very popular for thousands of years among all the levels of society, and it’s believed to be invented during the reign of the Han dynasty around the 3rd century BC. The game is said to be used as a sort of a state lottery to raise funds for the construction of the Great Wall of China.

Following the immigration waves of the 19th century, Chinese newcomers, who came as immigrants and worked on the assembly of the trans-continental railroad, introduced the game to the United States, and it gradually spread and became more and more popular.

Currently, keno games can be found on many brick-and-mortar casinos, which even create special lounges for the players. Some countries use an adaptation of the game as part of their national lottery programs. Similarly to the development of video poker machines, there are also video keno machines, where the players play alone and in a faster pace.

Then the player can select how many rounds he wants to play in a row, on the numbers he picked. There can be 1 to 10 rounds, or even more. A regular round takes about 10 seconds, but some sites, as Money Casino for example, offer a turbo mode where a round takes only 3 seconds – a useful feature when playing many rounds in a row. The game pays according to how many numbers the player picked, how many of them were hit, and how many coins the player had bet.

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